What is July School?  This is when pupils attend school full-time in July.

Why? The Ministry of Basic Education’s national academic programme officially expects schools to terminate in early June to resume in September.  This means that pupils are out of the learning environment for a total of about three months.

When? In 2015 July school will begin on Monday June 29th and finish on Friday July 24th.

Who? Those to attend are all pupils who wish to attend AMS .

Cost? This will be at no additional charge to parents so long as they register their children for the academic year 2015/2016.

The well known saying goes; “use it or lose it.” It is our belief that keeping children in a well stimulated environment for four weeks during the long vacation will keep their brains and muscles active.

Activities? The children will be involved in mostly Montessori work.  Each day they will be expected to complete the “work cycle” which is a sequence of events allowing a child to be completely engrossed in a chosen activity.  The minimum time allocated is generally agreed to be two hours. The pupils in Key Stage II will be engaged in projects where they can learn leadership skills and team work.

Hours of school will be:

08:00 hrs start

14:00 hrs finish.