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Dear visitor,
Welcome to the Akwi Montessori School (AMS) website.  Our school was founded in 2007, and has been successful ever since.   Starting up and establishing the only Montessori School in Cameroon at present, has been an arduous but one of the most fulfilling experiences.  We started with sixteen children but have touched the lives of over sixty children and their families and we hope that those who have left for various reasons over the years have been positively influenced by this 108 year-old method which is as valid today and continues to spread all over the world.
The aim of this website is to let you know about what we are doing at Akwi Montessori School.  Although we have tried to include everything on the site we are sure there will be some questions which may be better answered by one of us so please contact us.  This method pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori has been extensively written about and so we do not intend to duplicate.
A virtual tour has been included in order to show you the prepared learning environment at our school.  The children, who attend, bring it to life and invoke some changes to suit their developmental needs.  You are encouraged to take time to watch the clip and discover AMS for yourself.
There are many traditional (conventional) schools in Cameroon, provided by the state or private sector.  There are also teacher training institutions which currently do not provide the specialist training required for the early years (nursery).

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Montessori Education provides a perfect opportunity for nursery age children to get the best start in life.  It is our dream that AMS will play a key role in educating children, teachers and adults using this alternative approach to bring peace, love and the hope for a better Cameroon and a better world.
I do hope that you enjoy browsing through the website and finding what you need.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Estella Tembe Fokunang
AMS, Montessori Directress


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