Lower Elementary

These are children who must have attended Key Stage I or Children’s House and are approximately 6 years of age. The curriculum here becomes increasingly more sophisticated. The children begin their work in the morning, in the main hall with Montessori materials and then proceed to work in abstract in their designated classroom.

The pupils are assigned a specific teacher  who helps them on time management and refines the basic skills learned in Key Stage I. The teacher also teaches the pupils all the core subjects in the Cameroon Primary Curriculum for English Speaking Schools.




Middle Elementary

The pupils in this group must have spent at least 1 year in Lower Elementary where they gain great exposure to concepts like the Big Bang Theory in explaining the origin of our universe through studying about the early man to current day history. These pupils are also assigned a teacher to guide them through all core subjects listed above. The pupils have an assigned classroom.

Upper Elementary

This classroom emphasizes on cooperative group work skills, problem solving, confidence building and respect for individual differences. Their work is more complicated and requires longer periods of sustained attention. It is also a bridge to abstract learning and they are expected to depend on memory more and not always work things out from first principles as with the Lower and Middle Elementary pupils. They are prepared for Cameroonian national examinations if agreed with their parents that they are mature enough to go on to secondary school. We therefore prepare them to leave the Montessori learning environment for secondary schools which apply traditional methods of teaching.

A teacher is assigned to this class to assist the pupils through the daily Montessori work and traditional methods of teaching.