There is an after-school club for children who cannot be picked up from school at the regular time. The activities on offer may further enrich the children’s experiences and contribute to their learning and total development. The club is open every school day and parents are expected to pay for the service.


  1. The club opens at 13:45 hrs each day.
  2. Activities may be by group or individual basis based on the numbers/ages of pupils present.
  3. Club enrollments are flexible, you can indicate at the start of the term and negotiate a weekly, monthly or term rate; you may decide on a daily as needs be basis.
  4. Late pick-up of pupils in Key Stage I will be enrolled into the club for that day.
  5. There is no limit to the number of pupils to run a club daily; one child will keep the club open.
  6. Children may bring extra snacks to have while in the club.