Newsletter January 2016

    First term’s conferences were held between 19th—23rd October 2015. There was a 100% attendance as parents showed a greater interest to discuss their children’s progress. During these one-one meetings the school was expected in several cases to find solutions to problems they expe

Conferences 2015

February was a busy month at AMS.  The 18th—20th was a period to receive parents into school so that there can be  useful exchanges about the children. All parents except one family attended these conferences.  The feedback from parents were mostly positive about their children.  Most importan

The Picnic

On February 27th 2015, Key stage I pupils enjoyed a picnic on school grounds in the Key Stage II play area. On the menu were; Hot dog with mustard/ketchup Crackers Bread and jam Pringles Fizzy drinks popcorn It did not rain and all the pupils and teachers of Key Stage I had fun.